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spinning® 101

So you’ve decided to give spin a try - Congratulations on your decision to Make It Your Moment!  Many people are intimidated by all of the terms and equipment associated with Spinning but let’s break it down and see how simple and fun Spinning can be.


Contrary to popular belief you don’t need any special equipment to spin – nothing but the desire for a fun and dynamic workout.  You don’t even need special spin shoes, regular athletic shoes (just not canvas sneakers) work just fine.  Some people prefer “spin shoes” that can be purchased at any bike shop that have a special “clip” that fits into the pedal of the spin bike, ours use the most popular and universal clip called Shimano Pedaling Dynamics or SPD.  However, all bikes are fitted with a cage that can accommodate regular athletic shoes.  You can’t use the lack of proper shoes as an excuse any more – your bike is waiting!


Here’s the lowdown on the spin bikes.  It is just like a regular bike and you know what they say – you never forget how to ride a bike!  In order for you to have the most enjoyable and comfortable ride the bike must be set up properly.  Arrive 15 minutes before the start of class to see your instructor and he/she will help you get it just right.

1)  Saddle – this is just a fancy word for seat.  Unlike the banana seat of your childhood bike the saddle on a spin bike is a bit smaller and can take some getting used to.  Don’t give up after the first ride though soon the saddle will be your friend.  The most important thing to remember about the saddle is to set the height properly.  Stand next to your bike and raise the saddle so that it is level to the top of your pelvis.  You will also need to adjust the saddle forward and backward so that you are a comfortable distance from the handle bars.

2)  Handlebars – The handle bars on a spin bike look a little different than an outdoor bike.  They are built so that you can change positions throughout your workout (SEE BELOW).  All spin bikes have adjustable handle bars that can be moved up and down.  It is important to get the correct height on the handle bars to protect your back.  Adjust the handle bars so that you can reach them while keeping your back tall, your shoulders relaxed with a slight bend in your elbows.  As always ask your instructor if you have any questions.

3)  Pedals – each bike has pedals that have both a clip for spin shoes and a basket for regular athletic shoes. If you have spin shoes simply clip into place and start pedaling. For athletic footwear, slip your foot into the cage, making sure the ball of you foot is in the center of the pedal, and then tighten the strap.  It’s that easy!

4)  Resistance Knob – Below the handle bars is a resistance knob that when depressed, also acts as the brake.  This allows you to customize your workout to your comfort level.  You turn the knob to the right to add resistance and to the left to take resistance off, that is, righty tight - lefty loose. Your instructor will periodically call out to the class to change the resistance depending on the type of ride you are doing.  Remember, you are in complete control of your work out.


Throughout your ride the instructor will call out what position you should be in on the bike. There are three main positions in Spinning.

1)  Position One – sometimes the instructor will simple say "hands in first position".  This is simply seated in the saddle hands in the center of the front of the handle bars.  You may also hear the instructor say things like – seated climb or back in the saddle – these all mean seated with hands in position one.  You should have enough resistance on your bike so that you are not bouncing in the saddle in this position.

2)  Position Two – sometimes simply “up to second” - this is similar to a jog on the bike.  You come up out of the saddle in an upright position, core engaged and shoulders down.  It is important to have enough resistance on your bike in this position so that your knees are protected.  Most likely you will add resistance before going up to two.  Your instructor will remind you so no worries.

3)  Position Three – sometimes you will hear "third position".  This is your power position and this is where you utilize the extended part of the handle bars.  This is also the position you use when you have the greatest amount of resistance on your bike, usually when you are climbing.  Here again, your core is engaged, you are riding parallel to the bike, with your butt back over the saddle and your hands lightly grasping the end of the handle bars.

Throughout the ride the instructor will tell you what position you should be in and how much resistance you should have on your bike.


All spin bikes at MOMENTUM are equipped with a computer monitor. This allows you to challenge yourself by tracking your cycling data in real time. It’s a great way to keep motivated and to see how far you can push yourself. It is simple and easy to use.  There are four screens you can flip through with the Menu (M) button.  If you have trouble seeing the screen in a dimmer environment, there's a light button  (you can press once for to light up for a few seconds or hold it down for 30 seconds and it will stay on for the entire ride until you depress it again to turn it off.  The Reset button resets your power and time for an interval, until you depress it again where it calculate your average statics for that interval.  Three of the four screens show your real-time cadence or revolutions per minute (RPM) and your power, along with either your mileage, time, or your Calories.  The fourth shows your average RPM and Power along with your time. 

PERFORMANCE IQ (PIQ) - The Leaderboard

All spin bikes at MOMENTUM are synced to a leaderboard - Performance IQ.  Your PIQ account is integrated to your Momentum account.  Your data is emailed to you following your workout, and your Momentum account keeps a historical track record of your rides.

THAT’S SPINNING® 101!  These are the basics to get you started on the road to a fun and dynamic workout! It’s that simple - now go and MAKE IT YOUR MOMENT!